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About us

We are a dedicated firm specializing in HEBREW translation and localization. We offer comprehensive Hebrew localization services, including all stages of software localization, professional translation services (technical, financial, legal), DTP and all related services.

Founded nearly 25 years ago, we regularly provide Hebrew translation and localization services to numerous multinational corporations.

We possess a highly-experienced in-house team providing the following services:
· Translation, editing and proofreading
· Project management
· Localization engineering
· Terminology management
· Full DTP services
· Localization and CAT tools – Sales, support and training

We are especially proficient and experienced in all aspects of dealing with bidirectional languages, including the intricacies of software and website localization, as well as complex DTP projects.

We adhere to extremely high standards of quality and implement strict quality control procedures to guarantee impeccable quality.  After translation, our work is always proofread and edited by professional in-house linguists.

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