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HEBREW translation and localization: 
Your gateway to the ISRAEL market!

We are a dedicated firm specializing in HEBREW translation and localization. We offer comprehensive Hebrew localization services, including all stages of software localization, professional translation services (technical, financial, legal), consulting, training and all related services.

We regularly provide software and documentation localization services to numerous multinational companies in various technology sectors.

We guarantee extremely high quality and technical expertise and all our work is always proofread, edited and perfectly adapted to the Israeli target audience.



February 2019

Original Israeli material starts being added to the Hebrew version of Popular Science magazine.

June 2018

Major new accounts, including Skype and major industrial air-conditioning manufacturers

November 2017

Jonathan Golan is speaking at the ATA conference in Washington DC.

September 2017

Our company translates, edits and produces the Hebrew version of Popular Science magazine.

January 2016

Creation of a dedicated medical translation department at the company.

Spring 2015

Jonathan Golan is speaking at the Unilingue Conference in Florence, Italy: Localizing Middle-Eastern Languages: Is this Right (or is this Left)?

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